DKM Armaturentechnik offers their customers professional services delivered by our experts in the fitting industry who will make sure you receive the solution that best suits your specific needs from our vast fitting portfolio.

Handling of quotes and orders:
We maintain a partnership relationship with our customers throughout requests, consultations and innovative solutions. During the entire order processing period, from construction, manufacturing and mounting to final verification, we remain in regular contact with our customers in order to exchange information.

“Our highest imperatives are quality assurance and schedule adherence.”

Before shipment, each valve is subject to a leakage and pressure test which is carried out in accordance DIN EN 12266-1:2012-06.
We additionally carry out the following tests upon special request and according to the test requirements of our customers:
Leakage test with helium
Leakage test with nitrogen
Vacuum test
Automation processes are configured, adjusted and inspected in accordance with the predefined specifications in terms of control and manipulating time (open and close).


  • Declaration of conformity acc. to appendix IV DGRL 2014/68/EU Module H/G
  • Operating instructions
  • Certificate on the inspection of valve in acc. 3.1 EN 10204
  • Outline-drawing
  • Dimension drawing, part-list with schedule of wearing parts

We ship in accordance with the INCOTERMS 2000 by road, air and sea with all documents required. Certificate of origin and certification of the commercial invoice is executed by the chamber of commerce. Supplier’s declaration in line with EU ordinance 1207/2001 customs

We offer our customers a fast and qualified repair service.